Professional Web Design for your Small Business.

I will develop a highly optimised Professional Website for your small business. Designed to attract maximum possible visitors and convert these  visitors into customers.
Your Success is my Business.

I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant who will make Your Business Grow.
Your Success is my Business.

Web Design for your Small Business

Web Design for Small Business

Your company website is the core of your entire online presence, it's the platform that you build all your other online marketing platforms around.

Unless you are the smallest of micro companies with zero budget for marketing you really should be investing as much as you can possibly afford into a professional company website.

A well designed and optimised website will be your greatest marketing asset for years to come, quietly working 24/7 365 attracting visitors and converting these to customers for your business. Read my 10 Points to Effective Web Design article.

Don't skimp on your website it's the First Impression most prospective clients have of your business and in many cases it's the only impression a customer gets of your company.

What is Professional Web Design?

Professional Web Design is the art of developing a website to achieve certain predetermined goals following best practices.

In a nutshell for a website to be considered good it must fulfill it's required purpose, whatever that purpose is, sales, lead generation or educational.

How to Design a Professional Website.

There is no one correct way to design a professional website. Every project will be unique according to the customers requirements, but there are a number of basic principles that should be considered.

  • The website should be on Brand with the companies overall look and feel. It should provide messaging that is consistent with all other platforms and be in the same tone of voice. A website visitor should instantly recognise your Brand as soon as they land on your website.
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimisation. Although SEO is an ongoing, slow burn, process there are numerous technical and on-page SEO issues that should be taken care of during the design and development stages. Getting your website to rank well in Google Search Results is a difficult task at the best of times, but getting off to a good start will make the journey a little easier.
  • GDD - Growth Driven Design. A relatively new concept in Web Design. In the days of old web design was a one step process. The budget was assigned to perform the necessary research, develop the complete website, launch the website and leave it for a few years until the next major overhaul was budgeted for.
    GDD is a far more agile approach. The budget is split up over numerous phases with phase one being the initial research and developing the initial lite version of the website and launching it. Each subsequent phase learns from the real world data collected from the phase before and builds upon what was successful resulting in a more effective website over time.
  • Customer Centric, as with all aspects of marketing it should be developed with your customer in mind. It is essential to know your customer.
  • Don't make me think, this is the title of a book written by Steve Krug, but it's also an instruction. Make your website easy and intuitive to use, make use of expected norms and don't re-invent the wheel. The more you make a website visitor have to think about what to do next the less likely he is to become a customer.
  • CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation, ultimately your website exists to perform a certain function so don't forget to instruct your website visitors what you expect them to do with CTA's - Call To Action.
  • Speed, although this could be considered a technical SEO issue the loading time of your web pages is vital. The longer your website takes to load the more likely a potential website visitor is to leave your site and go to your competitor.
  • I can't believe it is still necessary to discuss this issue anymore, but ensuring your website is Mobile Friendly is essential today. It effects both Google Rankings and User Experience.

Who is Professional Web Design For?

Professional Web Design is for companies of all sizes who understand and appreciate the importance of their website performing as an effective business tool.

A well designed website will attract visitors and convert these visitors into customers for years to come.

Features of a Professional Website.

The features of a professional website are what set it apart from the freebies resulting in a website that works for your business. These features are a combination of technical and design aspects:

  • Logical Roadmap, the layout and flow of the website makes sense to visitors and bots.
  • It contains Crucial Business Information which is all the information it Needs and not unnecessary stuff.
  • Contact Information is available and easy to find.
  • Clear Navigation, make it easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Security, your website must be able to upgrade easily when security patches are made available.
  • Mobile Friendly.
  • Good Hosting with speed and reliability.
  • Everything on the website serves a purpose.
  • The platform the website is developed on should be flexible and be easy to use and maintain.
  • Good Quality Content.
  • Social Media Integration.

Benefits of Professional Web Design.

A well designed professional website offers numerous benefits to companies of all sizes.

  • Your website is the first point of contact many of your potential customers may have with your company, a well designed website will make a good first impression.
  • A professional website is an investment generating ongoing revenue 24/7 365.
  • Improved rankings in Google Search Results resulting in more site visitors.
  • Improved conversion rates. Convert more site visitors into paying customers.
  • A professional website will give your small business more credibility.
  • A professional website will work well on all devices.
  • You get a unique custom design that sets you apart from your competitors.
  • A professional website will load quickly resulting in fewer lost visitors.
  • Most people can tell the difference in a cheap or freebie website and a professionally designed website. Having a poor website creates a negative impression, site visitors feel that if you can't be bothered to invest in your own company, why should I?

What I Offer.

I have many years experience designing and developing professional websites on various platforms.

Intially I started on Serif Web Plus, I progressed to Adobe Dreamweaver and have since made use of Wordpress and most recently I have become a fan of WebFlow. I have used these tools to develop numerous high performing websites across multiple verticals.

I give all my projects personal attention and aspire to achieve maximum Return on Investment on a consistent basis for all my clients, within your budget. Your Success is my Business.


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