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Search Engine Optimisation for your Small Business

Search Engine Optimisation

Your company website is the core of your entire online presence, it's the platform that you build all your other online marketing platforms around.

Having a website is vital for your business success today, but it's equally important that your potential customers are able to find your website when they are looking for your products or services.

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of ensuring that your website works for you effectively.

A well optimised website will be your greatest marketing asset for years to come, quietly working 24/7 365 attracting visitors and converting these to customers for your business. Read more on the importance of Professional SEO.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of ensuring your website ranks as high as possible on the Google Search Results Page when a potential customer enters a specifically targeted search phrase in the Google Search Bar, or more recently when a person performs a verbal search on a range of smart assistants.

The goal of SEO is to increase both the quantity and the quality of the traffic you attract to your website.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation refers to the Free Organic Listings on the search results page as opposed to Paid Advertising on Google (Google Adwords).

SEO has evolved in recent times to include not just how well a website ranks in Google Searches, but also how well it performs overall.

How Search Engine Optimisation Works.

This particular topic requires much more time and space than we have available on this page. Most experts agree that Google currently tracks over 200 different Ranking Factors on your website to determine where it should rank on it's SERP's page. (SERP's = Search Engine Results Page.)

Basically how Google works is by crawling the internet using software called bots to find web pages. Once it finds a web page it reads the text content of this page to understand it's topic and places into it's index for later retrieval.

When someone performs a search on Google Google searches through it's index to find web pages that provide the best quality answer to the search query and list these pages in order of relevance on the Search Engine Results Page. This all happens in a split second.

So essentially Google's algorithms need to understand two vital components, the searchers intent, what is the searcher looking for and secondly which web pages provide the best quality or most appropriate response to this query.

Google is constantly working to improve it's algorithms in order to better understand what a searcher is looking for and provide them with better quality answers. Exactly how these algorithms work is a guarded secret, but Google do provide details on what these algorithms are trying to achieve.

Google make numerous changes to their algorithms on a daily basis, but every now and again they will launch something big that can result in major fluctuations in how your website ranks, this is one of the reasons why it's vital to follow an ongoing process of White Hat Search Engine Optimisation so you don't fall foul of Google's algorithms resulting in a downgrade of your website rankings.

Some of the main factors affecting your websites ranking include:

  • Mobile Friendly, your website is now ranked according to how well it performs on mobile devices.
  • Speed. Google and users likes web sites that load quickly.
  • Content Quality, Google will downgrade spammy content.
  • Content Length. Generally content that is more in depth about a specific topic will rank better.
  • Social Signals. Google monitors social interaction with your web site, Likes, Shares etc all count towards a positive ranking.
  • Number of and quality of Backlinks. Backlinks are still a major ranking factor, but Google is now wise to the quality of these backlinks and how they are obtained.
  • Technical SEO and User Experience. Providing your site users with a good user experience has become a big ranking factor.
  • Domain age and Authority are still important in Google Rankings.
  • Security has become an important ranking factor, an https site will have an advantage over an http site.

Who is Search Engine Optimisation For?

Search Engine Optimisation is for companies of all sizes who have a website and further understand and appreciate the importance of their website performing as an effective business tool attracting as much potential business as possible.

A well designed and optimised website will attract visitors and convert these visitors into customers for years to come.

Features of Professionally Optimised Website.

The features of a professionally optimised website are what set it apart from the freebies resulting in a website that works for your business. These features are a combination of Technical, Content, User Experience and User Interface aspects:

  • A well optimised website is easier for your potential customers to find in Google Searches.
  • It will load quickly on all devices.
  • A well optimised website will perform seamlessly across all devices and browsers.
  • A professionally optimised website quickly provides potential clients with the information they are looking for.
  • A well optimised website is intuitive and easy to use.
  • A professionally optimised website is laid out to allow for scanning and accessible for all users.
  • Make use of a Content Delivery Network to ensure site speed across multiple geographical locations.
  • The Content is developed for the Customer and not Google.

Benefits of Professional Search Engine Optimisation.

A well designed professionally optimised website offers numerous benefits to companies of all sizes as Free Google Organic website visitors are the best quality visitors your website can attract and are most likely to convert into a paying client.

  • Unlike Paid Advertising attracting organic traffic to your website is Free.
  • Potential customers place greater trust in the quality of Organic Search Results as opposed to paid adverts, which can sometimes provide irrelevant results.
  • Paid Ads rely on a budget, which is limited. SEO can be utilised to attract traffic over a much broader range of keywords/phrases including the all important Long Tail Keywords.
  • It is more difficult for your competitors to compete against a well optimised website, it takes time and skilled resources to gain a dominant position on Google, unlike paid advertising where a new competitor could simply out bid you.
  • A professionally optimised website will give your small business more credibility. If Google Trusts you then so too will your potential customers.
  • SEO builds momentum, you will be reaping the benefits of today's hard work for years to come.
  • Good quality content not only attracts site visitors through improved Google Rankings it also improves conversions on your website. It portrays you as a Thought Leader in your industry.
  • Good quality content is more likely to be shared and generate Backlinks to your website which serves to further improve your Google Rankings.
  • A well optimised website loads faster resulting in fewer lost potential clients and improved conversions. The longer a web page takes to load the greater the chance a potential customer will abandon your website and move on to your competitor. Research indicates that 40% of web visitors will abandon your website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.

What SEO Services I Offer.

I have many years experience designing, developing and optimising professional websites on various platforms including Technical SEO, On Page Optimisation and Off Page Optimisation.

Intially I started on Serif Web Plus, I progressed to Adobe Dreamweaver and have since made use of Wordpress and most recently I have become a fan of WebFlow. I have used these tools to develop and optimise numerous high performing websites across multiple verticals.
Many of these projects have gone on to dominate the Google Rankings in their industry, one such project the client's website attracted the same amount of organic web traffic as it's top 5 competitors put together.

I give all my projects personal attention and aspire to achieve maximum Return on Investment on a consistent basis for all my clients, within your budget. Your Success is my Business.


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