The Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Business
Email Marketing
May 24, 2020

The Benefits of Email Marketing for Small Business

Email Marketing is Highly Targeted.

An email is being sent to a specific and sometimes known, individual. Emails can, therefore, be personalised like no other form of electronic communication. Emails can be tailored specifically to a targeted market segment depending on how much information you have on your signed-up members, age, gender and other specific interests. Email Marketing is an extremely powerful online marketing tool when done properly.

Email Marketing is Cost Effective.

Running an Email Marketing Campaign is cheap, when compared to other advertising methods, and can be executed with minimal time investment. Professional Email Marketing Software like Mailchimp, which we use, makes email marketing a relatively simple process. Building up a GDPR compliant mailing list of interested prospective clients can however take time and may require some clever techniques.

Email Marketing remains Highly Effective.

Email marketing was once considered the dinosaur of online marketing, but figures show that email marketing is far from dead, in fact, it is still one of the most effective means of targeted online marketing available today. The popularity of Email Marketing has shown an increase in recent years as many marketers return to this reliable source of generating business.

Email Marketing offers a fantastic ROI.

While it is impossible to give exact ROI figures for each email or industry research has shown that on average for every € spent on email marketing up to €44 of revenue is generated. Not all emails generate an immediate return, it depends on the nature of your business and the intended purpose of the email. Emails can also be used as informative and educational tools, building your Brand Awareness. Research has further shown that people do not mind receiving emails as much as the more intrusive phone call, SMS or other forms of direct marketing.