The importance of Effective Digital Marketing for the Small Business
February 28, 2020

The importance of Effective Digital Marketing for the Small Business

If your business is not Online today you are missing out!

Online presence for SMB

In a Nut Shell, your business needs an effective Online Presence, because that’s where your customers are today…!

The digital era is rapidly changing the way we receive and consume information. It’s further influencing how we research products and ultimately SHOP.

In traditional marketing we marketers competed for marketing space, the best spot in a magazine, the best time slots on TV or Radio, the first ad in the Business Directory for your industry etc.

Think about how we watch TV today, we make use of streaming services like Netflix, even with Sky TV we prefer to download or watch on demand, less live TV – there are no ads…same with our music, just think Spotify vs live radio, again there are no ads. When last did many of us actually buy a magazine or newspaper, we just read the news we choose online.

Now with the digital era space is virtually limitless, but things have changed, we don’t compete for advertising space anymore, now we compete for our customers attention, we have to make sure our Online ads, or Website is served up to our potential clients at the right time, when they are looking for our products or services, hence it needs to be well optimised to rank highly in Google Search Results, SERPs.

Exactly what percentage of the total potential traffic the number one Google Ranking receives depends on the industry, but in short, the number one ranking gets the lions share, we’ve seen figures of around 40%, with position 2 getting around 20% and number three 10%, as you can see if you are not at least in the top three positions on the first page of Google Serps you will receive very little traffic.

An effective Online or Digital Marketing Strategy offers numerous advantages over traditional marketing.

  • You are attracting potential clients at the time when they NEED you, they are ready to buy, traditional marketing is hit and miss.
  • Digital Marketing enables immediate feedback, success and failures can be tracked and your strategy altered accordingly saving money.
  • Digital Marketing is flexible, changes can be made instantly hence less wastage, with traditional marketing changes often require huge expense in re-production, re-printing or time waiting for the next run as in the Yellow Pages.
  • A digital marketing campaign works for you 24/7 365 days a year.
  • An effective Digital Presence can reduce the amount of man hours required to convert a visitor into a client. A good example is the motor industry where 75% of buyers use the internet to research cars, most of these clients then visit only 1 dealership where they will test just one car, the salesman has less then a one third chance of changing their mind. The salesman in many cases has been reduced to an order taker.
  • Digital marketing has proven so effective that many BIG companies exist nowhere else, but Online…just think Amazon, eBay and many other Online Shopping companies.
  • Digital Marketing is less intrusive than traditional marketing where potential clients are subjected to ad’s on TV or Radio, or Sales calls etc at times that were inconvenient or disruptive to us, you are wasting time and money trying to sell your services to someone who has no need or want of your product…Inbound Digital Marketing attracts genuine clients to your business.
  • Digital marketing is a competition for your customers attention, the companies with the most effective Digital Marketing Campaigns attract the lions share of online traffic and resulting business.

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