7 Advantages Of A Digital Marketing Consultant
February 28, 2020

7 Advantages Of A Digital Marketing Consultant


As a Small or Medium Enterprise you know how important effective Digital Marketing is in today's competitive business environment, but you have limited resources at your disposal. It takes experience, skill, time and budget to research, plan and execute a digital marketing campaign. Not all companies have the budget or requirement to employ full time digital marketing personnel in house.

Some companies may opt for either a 100% in house approach or a 100% sub contract approach while others may opt for a combination of the two by performing the more basic day to day functions in house and bringing in a Digital Marketing Consultant to complement the in house skills.

There is no right or wrong approach, every company needs to asses it's own unique requirements, but a Digital Marketing Consultant offers some very compelling advantages.

A digital marketing consultant brings greater expertise.

Digital Marketing Consultants have experience of working on numerous and varied projects exposing them to a wider variety of options and solutions for an array of challenges providing them with a broader experience than in house employees would normally be exposed to. A digital marketing consultant is a specialist in what he does and constantly keeps up to date with all the latest tools, techniques and trends.

A digital marketing consultant can save you money.

A full time employee requires an annual salary based on a full 40 hour week, but any CEO knows that an employees salary is not the only expense that the company incurs for each employee. There are other direct costs, pension, medical, leave, sick leave, travel, training etc and indirect costs in terms of HR, admin, office space, office equipment, hardware and software etc, all of which can easily add another 30%-40% to the cost per employee. A full time Digital Marketing Manager earning an annual salary of €65 000 could actually be costing you almost €100 000 in total cost to company.

A digital marketing consultant may charge a higher hourly rate than an employee, but only charges as per the project agreement which might only be 10 or 20 hours a week of productive time. He is also responsible for covering all his own direct and indirect costs. A consultant is cheaper.

A digital marketing consultant offers greater productivity saving you time.

A full time employee is generally productive for only five and a half hours per day, the rest of the time is spent in meetings and on other activities. An external consultant is much more results focused.

Employees are often only required to perform certain functions once or very occasionally every few years, i.e. developing a new website, but because a consultant works on numerous projects he will have gained greater experience performing these tasks on a more regular basis enabling him to complete these tasks more efficiently and in less time.

Improved ROI.

The ultimate goal of most companies is to make as much profit as possible. If a digital marketing consultant is cheaper and more productive than a full time employee it goes without saying that they offer a better Return on Investment. A digital marketing consultant can grow your business faster for less.

A  Fresh Perspective.

A digital marketing consultant can bring new and fresh ideas to a company, full time employees can get stuck in the paralysing, but we've always done it this way, state of mind. A consultants exposure to other companies and industries offer an opportunity to learn new ways of doing things from other specialists, this experience can then be shared within your company.

Digital marketing tools.

There are many excellent digital marketing tools available on the market that can assist in many aspects of digital marketing, but these tools can be expensive and thus inhibitive for an SME to invest in, but a digital marketing consultant may offer many of these tools as part of his service.

Competitive advantage.

Bringing in the services of a professional digital marketing consultant can give you an edge over your competitors. Digital marketing is an ongoing competition for your customers attention with only the top 2-3 companies receiving the lions share of the online traffic and resulting business. Don't fall behind, be a leader in your industry and reap the rewards.

Already on top, don't be complacent, the world of digital marketing is a dynamic ever evolving arena where your competitors will be doing all in their power to take that top spot away from you. It's considerably easier to stay ahead than it is to catch up again.

A Digital Marketing Consultant will grow your business, save you time, money and improve your ROI on digital spend.

When to employ a Digital Marketing Consultant.

The short answer is anytime. There is no wrong time to bring in a marketing consultant, you might be starting up, planning to grow, just looking to consolidate your position or have a specific project with which you require assistance. A highly experienced consultant can help at any of these stages.

Steven offers two types of consulting services:

  • Research - Strategy - Execution. For companies that have very little or no internal digital marketing expertise at all and require the full gambit of services including physically performing the actual work i.e. design and creation of website, setup of social media platforms, creation of Google campaigns etc.
  • Research - Strategy - Execution Management. For companies with sufficient internal or external marketing expertise to develop their own websites, social media setup etc, but require a marketing consultant to manage and bring all these these skills together in order to achieve optimal results.