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I provide unsurpassed Online Digital Marketing Services to micro, small and medium sized companies in Ireland and the UK.

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My Online Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

I offer a comprehensive range of Digital Marketing Services aimed at providing the micro, small and medium enterprise in Ireland and the UK with all the digital marketing skills they will require to grow their business and achieve their goals.

My Digital Marketing Services include:

1: Marketing Research.

2: Marketing Strategy and Planning.

3: Digital Marketing Project Management.

4: The Building and Development of Digital Marketing Platforms including ongoing optimisation.

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There are two types of Digital Marketing Consultants

1: The Digital Marketing Strategist.

The Digital Marketing Strategist is a person with in depth experience, training and knowledge of business, marketing and the uses of the various digital marketing platforms and tools such as SEO and SEM with strong analytics skills and an eye for opportunity and trends.

The Strategist will firstly perform in-depth marketing research assessing all possible Primary and Secondary data for your company and industry and then formulate the most effective digital marketing strategy to grow your business and achieve your goals.

The strategist may also perform the function of project manager ensuring that the plan is implemented on time, within budget making use of the available resources.

A Digital Marketing Strategist is ideal for the slightly larger company that already has some in-house and/or external digital marketing resources i.e. a web designer and a SEM specialist, but lacks the skills to develop and manage an effective digital marketing plan. A Digital Marketing Strategist provides solutions, think of him as your part time Chief Marketing Officer.

2: The Technical Digital Marketing Consultant.

The Technical Digital Marketing Consultant, or Marketing Technologist, is a person with a high level of technical training and skills who physically implements, manages and optimises your digital marketing tools and platforms. This person may be responsible for tasks such as building your website, putting your Google Ads campaign in place and developing your Social Media Ads.

The technical digital marketing consultant will also monitor and improve the performance of these platforms over time. The skills and knowledge required by a Technical Digital Marketing Consultant are numerous and varied including SEO, SEM, Analytics, Tag Manager, Web Development, Google Ads - Search - Display and Re-marketing and other paid advertising.

The technical digital marketing consultant is ideal for the smaller company that has no, or very limited, in-house digital marketing resources.

What makes me a truly unique Digital Marketing Consultant?

The majority of Digital Marketing Consultants will fit into either category 1 or category 2 above. It is extremely rare that you will find an individual with the combination of technical, business and marketing qualifications and experience to fulfil both disciplines.

I am one such individual. This makes me the ideal Digital Marketing Consultant for both micro and small companies who are serious about growing their business, but may not have the budget to employ multiple specialists. Read More About Me.

What digital marketing tools do I have at my disposal?

I have numerous digital marketing tools at my disposal and am constantly learning new skills, below are some of the tools I can utilise to grow your business.

Website Development

Your company website forms the core of your overall online presence. It is therefore vital that we develop your website following certain basics, some examples are:

  • Speed: Speed is not just a Google ranking factor, but if your web pages are slow to load you will lose traffic and hence revenue.
  • Mobile Friendly: Websites that are not mobile friendly will drop in Google rankings and provide a poor user experience for mobile users.
  • Ease of Use: Keep it simple, complicated websites will confuse and frustrate users. Stick to accepted norms.
  • Aesthetics: Colours, typography, layout, white space etc, all play a large role in creating a positive user experience.
Web Design >
Mobile Friendly Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is a vital function of digital marketing. It's what makes your website visible to your potential clients when they are searching for your products or services. Without SEO you are invisible.

  • Inbound Marketing: SEO enables you to get the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • Quality Traffic: In our experience organic website traffic is still the best quality traffic.
  • Rankings: Every industry is different, but the top 3 positions on a Google Search receive between 50%-60% of the total search traffic.
  • Long Tail Keywords: SEO enables us to optimise for longer search terms which are often a better indicator of buying intent.
Search Engine Optimisation >
Search Engine Optimisation
Content Marketing

With Google's ever improving algorithms Content Marketing is becoming ever more important. Google is starting to rank your website depending on how your website visitors interact with all your content. Text, Video's, Infographics, images etc, not just text.

  • Strategy: Successful Content Marketers have a clearly defined strategy.
  • Personas: Develop your content around your customers needs, answer their questions and address their Pain Points.
  • Prioritise: Develop informational content as opposed to sales or promotional content, become a trusted thought leader in your industry.
  • Measure ROI: The ability to measure ROI enables us to monitor and improve our strategy.
Content Marketing >
Content Marketing
UI & UX Design

User Interface and User Experience are generally considered vital aspects of website development, but consistency should be implemented across all platforms.

  • Keep your website simple, intuitive and scanable. Don't make your site visitors have to search, think or read too much to find what they are looking for.
  • Ensure that your marketing material is visually appealing and keep it consistent.
  • Every aspect of design must be done with a purpose.
  • Ensure that your website is 100% mobile responsive.
Conversion Rate Optimisation

CRO and SEO work hand in hand, while SEO attracts the right visitors to your website, it is the job of CRO to convert these visitors into customers by understanding what the users are looking for and giving it to them.

  • Understand your customers pain points and questions and provide answers that they can find quickly and easily.
  • Provide a personalised website experience, develop your website around your customer.
  • Have clear and concise Calls to Action, CTAs.
  • Limit your scope and keep landing pages sharply focused on what the visitor is expecting to encounter.
Conversion Rate Optimisation >
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is the art of attracting your customers attention when they are actively looking for your products or services.
Attract - Convert - Delight.

  • Deference to Reference: Search Engines and other digital platforms have fundamentally altered the way people research and buy products and services.
  • Non Disruptive: Outbound Marketing is disruptive in nature which reduces it's effectiveness. Inbound marketing attracts people at a time when they are interested in your product or service.
  • The 3 R's: Inbound marketing gets the right message to the right person at the right time.
  • The Buyers Journey: Inbound Marketing works by addressing pain points and answering your customers questions at the different stages in the buyers journey.
Inbound Marketing >
Inbound Marketing
Google Search Advertising

Google Search Advertising is a powerful paid inbound marketing tool that can be used to attract potential customers based on keywords searches, similar to SEO.

  • Research: We save you money and frustration by performing in depth research including Personas, Keyword and Competitors to maximise the effectiveness of your Google Search Campaigns.
  • Strategy: It is essential to develop an effective strategy deciding on bids, match types, budget etc needed to obtain your goals.
  • Monitor: Any campaigns effectiveness can vary over time, it is imperative to track your campaign results using Google Tag Manager.
  • Optimise: Google Ads cost money, it's essential to get the best possible ROI with ongoing campaign optimisation.
Google Adwords >
Google Search Ads
Google Display Ads

Google Display Ads are an extremely powerful tool for Brand Awareness. If people haven't heard of your brand or product before then you are going to have to create a demand for it.

  • Targeting: Display ads can be targeted to a specific audiences, affinity or in-market.
  • Customisation: Tailor your visual ads according to the buyers journey, don't just have one visual for all your ads.
  • Top of mind: Keep your products and services in the top of customers minds.
  • Scalable: Results are measurable enabling immediate action to be taken to improve results.
Google Display Advertising
Google Re-marketing

An extremely powerful marketing tool whereby ads can be displayed to people who have already visited your website when they visit other websites on the Google Display Network or their Facebook page.

  • Repetition Matters: It's unlikely someone will purchase your product or service after having only seen your ad once.
  • Higher Conversion: You are marketing to someone who has already shown an interest in your products or services.
  • Improved ROI: Higher conversions rates mean lower cost per acquisition and higher ROI.
  • Indirect Benefits: Re-marketing leads to an increase in quantity and effectiveness of other website traffic, organic, search etc not directly attributable to re-marketing.
Google Re Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Social Media platforms can be powerful marketing tools when correctly chosen and managed, but not all platforms are suitable for B2B companies. SMEs need to manage limited resources accordingly as Social Media marketing can be time consuming.

  • Research: Research your market and customers and decide on which platforms, if any, you are going to maintain a presence.
  • Quality v Quantity: Quality posts and content are more important than how often you post.
  • Engage: Social Media is for two way communication, get involved in the conversation, be genuine and real.
  • Plan: Develop a plan and stick with it, it takes time and dedication to build a following.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Advertising

Advertising on Social Media platforms is a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness, but with so many social media platforms available today be careful to choose the platforms where your customers are.

  • Targeting: Most social media platforms offer varying degrees of customer targeting for better ROI.
  • Campaign Goals: Social Media platforms offer different settings depending on your goals, brand awareness, lead generation or website visits.
  • Analytics: Analytics enables the efficacy of your social media campaigns to be tracked, measured and optimised.
  • Re-targeting: Target people who have already visited your website thereby expressing an interest in your products or services.
Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Sales Enablement

Gone are the days when Marketing and Sales where two separate divisions. Today marketing and sales need to be working in synergy to attract, convert and delight customers.

  • Consistency: Both marketing and sales need to be speaking the same language, sending out conflicting messages will confuse potential clients.
  • Communication: Open and honest two way communication is required in order to understand mutual requirements, set KPI's and manage goals.
  • Tools: It is marketing's responsibility to provide sales with the necessary tools to facilitate the closing of deals.
  • Plan: Sales Enablement is a plan that focuses sales and marketing towards achieving more efficient processes thereby increasing revenue.
Sales Enablement
Email Marketing

Email marketing remains one of the most powerful digital marketing tools available today. Email marketing offers high ROI's compared to other tools as it can be personalised and highly targeted.

  • Cost Effective: Email Marketing is relatively cheap compared to many other marketing tools.
  • Personal: Emails offer a high degree of personalisation making it a highly effective means of communication.
  • Targeted: Email lists can be segmented to target specific Personas.
  • Return on Investment: Email marketing offers an extremely high ROI, for every €1 spent Email Marketing generates €44. (May vary by industry)
Email Marketing >
Email Marketing
Video Marketing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth? Video is an extremely powerful marketing tool. According to research by ahrefs You Tube is the most searched website with the highest organic traffic in the world in 2020.

  • Enhance: Video can be used to enhance all your digital platforms, Website, Social Media, Email Campaigns etc.
  • Buyers Journey: Just like text video's can be used across all phases of the buyers journey, brand awareness, education and sales.
  • Engagement: Video marketing improves engagement, click trough rate and conversions considerably.
  • People: Ultimately marketing is about people interacting with people, while text is important for Google search engines people prefer to watch a video than read a block of text.
Video Marketing

Digital Marketing offers us the huge benefit of being able to track the performance of our digital campaigns and platforms in near real time. This enables us to optimise our strategies and tactics quickly.

  • Research: Data analytic platforms are a great source of intelligence providing data on current, past and future trends.
  • Optimisation: Real time data enables us to quickly react to weaknesses in our strategies by testing alternatives and implementing improvements.
  • ROI: Data enables us to track and improve our ROI reducing marketing wastage.
  • Smart Goals: Data enables us to set digital marketing goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.
Marketing Analytics
Achieve your business goals from just €499 per month.

It would be fantastic if there was a fairy godmother of digital marketing who could just wave her magic wand and grant you instant marketing and business success, but sadly this is a fairy tale and we business people have to deal with reality.
Successful Digital Marketing requires three vital ingredients. Skills, Budget and Time.
These ingredients need to be combined in the correct quantities, getting the mix wrong or neglecting one ingredient will render the entire process less effective or even useless. Read more about the Cost of a Digital Marketing Consultant

  • People & Skills: For most Smaller Digital Marketing Projects I am the person who would provide the all the skills, but for larger projects it may be necessary to bring in additional specific skills depending on the nature, scope and timescale of the project at which point I would assume more of a project management - strategist role.
  • Budget: The digital marketing landscape is becoming ever more competitive, free organic traffic may no longer be sufficient to achieve your business goals. Companies need to be realistic in allowing sufficient budget to cover consultancy fees and paid advertising along with some other possible costs.
  • Time: Business is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes time to perform sufficient research, develop a strategy and build a highly effective digital marketing campaign. Even after the campaign has been launched it requires constant monitoring, optimisation, building and improvement. A well managed marketing campaign will build up momentum over time.
The Digital Marketing Process
Digital Marketing Research
Digital Marketing Research

Growing or starting a business is a journey and I don't embark on a journey before I complete in-depth marketing research.

It's imperative that I gain a deep understanding of who your customers are and how I am going to reach them based on all available Primary and Secondary data.

Research >
Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy

I make use of the data obtained from the Marketing Research to develop the most effective Marketing Strategy possible for your company.

I strive to exceed your marketing expectations working within your available resources, budgets and timescales.

Strategy >
The implementation of the Digital Marketing Plan
Digital Marketing Implementation

Finally, I implement the Marketing Plan which involves the development of the marketing tools and platforms.

This is not a once off process but requires constant monitoring and optimisation to ensure that each digital platform is operating at maximum ROI.


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