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It's said that Content is King, that's partially true, it's Quality Content that really makes the difference.
The right content will improve your website rankings, attract the right people to your website and convert these people into paying customers.

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Content Marketing for your small business.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an extremely powerful tool for companies of all sizes.

A basic Content Marketing Campaign can be run for Free by a small company simply by the experts within the company blogging about customers problems and the solutions your company provides to overcome these problems. A professional content marketing consultant like myself can then optimise this content for optimal SEO purposes and share it across various platforms for greater exposure, larger companies have the budget to set up a dedicated Content Marketing Department.

Content Marketing may be slow initially, but it builds up momentum and will start to bring you a steady stream of highly relevant site visitors that are looking for your products or services and improve the conversion of these visitors into paying customers by displaying your authority on the topic, potential clients start to see you as a Thought Leader in your industry.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is the art of using carefully researched and developed content, text, audio or video, to attract relevant visitors to your online profile and provide them with information they will find useful at each step of the buyers journey - Awareness - Research and Decision making.

It is not sales talk, but quality information that the potential customer will find Valuable, examples could include Infographics, web pages, podcasts, videos or ebooks. Content marketing forms a crucial part of your overall Inbound Marketing Strategy.

How Content Marketing Works.

Content Marketing is unfortunately not a simple task of creating random content, posting it on your website and simply hoping for the best. In order for a Content Marketing Campaign to be successful it needs to follow a carefully researched and planned strategy:

  • Keyword Research. It's essential your Content Marketing Strategy be carefully researched in order to address the issues your potential customers are your searching for.
  • Solutions. Understand your customers pain points and challenges, provide them with answers and solutions to these problems.
  • Linking. keep your customer on topic, link to other relevant articles or blogs that discuss the same topics this not only keeps your customer focused, but it also improves SEO.
  • Content Length. Generally content that is more in depth about a specific topic will rank better on Google, research shows approximately 2000 words to be a good length to aim for in a detailed article. If you cannot write more than 300 words it doesn't deserve a separate page on your website.
  • Offer. Provide your reader or follower with an attractive offer, something he or she will provide their contact details to obtain, this offer should be in line with the discussed topic.

Who is Content Marketing For?

Content Marketing is for companies of all sizes. Content Marketing can be kept fairly simple and inexpensive for the smaller companies, it really doesn't cost much to blog about the solutions you provide on a weekly basis, it just takes a bit of time. Modern Smartphones enable quick and easy video production.

The bigger companies with sufficient budget can get involved in webinars, professional video production and other more powerful techniques.

It doesn't matter who you are, start a Content Marketing Campaign today, and you will reap the rewards for years to come.

Features of a Professional Content Marketing Campaign.

Every Content Marketing Campaign will require a level of uniqueness depending on the customer, product and industry, but the basic outline should follow the five steps outlined below:

  • It is Customer Centric, your Content strategy is developed around your customers needs and how you can help solve their problems for them.
  • The Content itself, this can be in the form of text, article, blog or a podcast, video or any other format, as long as it is what appeals to your target customer, older people prefer text and the younger generation prefer video.
  • Not Salesy, the content should be designed to stimulate an interest in your products or services and not attempt to directly sell it.
  • The Offer, your content is what draws people to your web page or video, but it requires an offer for which the visitor is willing to provide his or her email address it could be a ebook, whitepaper etc.
  • Promote, developing the content is 20% of the job the other 80% is the promotion thereof. Share it on Social Media, link to it from other content or paid adverts.
  • The Follow Up, your visitors have provided you with their email address, and effective Content Campaign includes a Follow Up campaign of relationship building and lead nurturing.

Benefits of Professional Content Marketing.

A well researched and planned Content Marketing Campaign will improve your website ranking, attract a better quality of website visitor and convert these visitors into paying customers well into the future.

  • Good quality properly optimised Content will improve your websites Google Rankings. Google loves content.
  • Well researched keyword rich Content attracts the right people to your website at the right time.
  • Good quality Content is more likely to be shared on Social Media and linked to from other websites, these factors further improve your websites Google Ranking and improve your Social Media presence.
  • Quality Content that addresses your potential customers pain points and offers solutions will improve website conversions. Content can be tailored to each stage of the Buyers Journey.
  • Good quality Content results in improved credibilty and sets you up as a Thought Leader in your industry.
  • Evergreen Content will continue to attract and convert web site visitors for many years to come.
  • Content Marketing forms part of the Inbound Approach which is less intrusive and more effective than Outbound Methods.
  • Good quality content helps build relationships with both new and existing customers.
  • Good Quality Content can greatly shorten the sales cycle making the job easier for sales people, saving your company time and money.
  • The more interested website visitors your Content attracts the more effective your Re-marketing Campaign becomes.

What Content Marketing Services I Offer.

You are the expert in your field, it's unlikely I can generate good quality content on your field of expertise better than you can yourself, but I do have many years experience in generating good quality content in Digital Marketing and have learnt from this experience what works and how best to optimise it for optimal results both for Google Search Engines Rankings and the conversion of your site visitors.

The ultimate purpose of Content Marketing is to attract the right people to your website and persuade these people to become paying customers. I can research your market and customers and develop a highly effective Content Marketing strategy specific to your company.

I give all my projects personal attention and aspire to achieve maximum Return on Investment on a consistent basis for all my clients, within your budget. Your Success is my Business.


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