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10 Points of Effective Web Design.

Keep your website simple.

Your products or services should be the main focus of your website. Do not clutter your website it will only confuse your website visitors and push them away. Avoid using too many images, gaudy colours and strange text fonts.

Design your website around its required purpose.

Not all websites are designed specifically to sell a product or service. Some may be educational, non profit or serve some other intended purpose. A good website efficiently achieves the desired purpose for which it was intended.

Make sure your website is mobile compatible.

More and more internet users are surfing on various portable devices, phone, tablets etc. If your website is not mobile friendly not only will Google demote your listing in mobile originated search results, but potential clients who do find your web site using mobile devices may not be able to use your site properly and will simply "shop" elsewhere.

Make sure your Web Pages load quickly.

The modern web surfer is not the most patient creature. Research shows that if your web page takes longer than 3 seconds to load you will lose almost half of your potential visitors before they even get to your site. Another good reason to Keep It Simple.

Develop your website around your customers needs.

Your website ultimately should serve your customers needs, it's pointless designing a graphical and technical masterpiece if it's useless to your clients, you are not developing a business website to win awards, but to serve your customers.

Your website should enhance your company brand.

Your business website is very often the first impression your prospective clients may have of your business. In some cases it's the only connection your clients have with your business. Your website is the modern equivalent of your shop front window, make sure it creates a good impression.

Your website should have simple navigation.

Your business website should be easy and intuitive to get around, once a prospective client is on your website try to keep them on your website, do not provide too many links to other websites if you can help it. If your website visitors feel confused or get lost they will simply move on to the next website.

Concentrate on your websites conversion rate.

Your website should have clear "call to action". The design and layout should be such that customers can easily see what needs to be done next in order to place an order or do business with your company.

Stand out from the crowd.

WOW, this is a company I can do business with...that's the reaction you want from your website visitors. Don't be gimmicky or over the top with your design. Keep it fresh, clean, modern. Be a trend setter, not a follower, new technologies are being developed all the time, keep up to date.

Keep your website up to date.

There is nothing worse than visiting a website and you can immediately see that it is out of date, it just looks old and tired. Contact details are wrong, products have been discontinued etc etc. It gives the impression of a company that doesn't care, and if you don't care why should your clients? Perform regular quick checks on your website and make sure it's updated regularly.

Steve's Professional Web Design.

Your business website forms an essential part of the overall marketing strategy of the modern business, in fact many successful companies exist nowhere else, but online. Such is the power of an effective online marketing strategy.

Online marketing success does not come easy, if you want Google to take your website seriously then you have to show Google that you are serious about your business website. Quickly throwing together a freebie website and dumping it on the Internet will NOT bring you business success.

Online marketing, web development, success takes time, knowledge, skill and some money also helps. There are currently over 1 Billion webs sites on the internet and competition for top spots in competitive industries is extremely fierce. Google utilizes literally hundreds of criteria, or measurements, in order to rank websites accordingly in their search results. Your visitors then further judge your company by the design of your website.

So if your serious about your business success don't trust your Online Marketing to an amateur. Invest in a trained, experienced professional. Steve's Online Marketing can offer you this.

  • Highly qualified and experienced marketing professionals specialising in Online Marketing.
  • Many years business experience, we've been where you are now, we understand business.
  • Steve's Online Marketing makes use of the latest and greatest web development techniques and technologies. Our websites are developed using Adobe Dreamweaver.
  • 100% Responsive, mobile friendly, web design. Essential for ranking in Google mobile search results.
  • In depth research and Search Engine Optimisation as an option, standard on our marketing package deals. All our websites receive at least basic SEO.
  • Steve's Online Marketing offers a proven affordable online marketing strategy, we are achieving success for our existing clients, we can do the same for you.
  • Professional website hosting on an Ireland based server.
  • Your choice of domain name and suffix (get a .com or .ie TLD etc). (depending on domain name availability.)
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Steve's Affordable Web Design Pricing.

What does a website cost?

The simple answer to "what does a website cost?" is "it depends". No two companies are the same hence no two websites should be the same. However for the sake of simplicity and being able to provide a rough estimate we start at €99.00, ex VAT, per simple page.

A simple website or web page is a pamphlet, static, type with no dynamic database, e-commerce or other custom features. It contains a few standard or customer supplied images, customer supplied logo, contact details and customer supplied text of around 500-750 words per page. Basic on page and off page SEO is included.

This does NOT include domain registration, domain renewal, monthly hosting fees or any form of on going SEO, maintenance or management, we recommend becoming a Package Client to receive these benefits.

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Changes, Alterations, Additions and updates.

Unless you are a monthly package client any subsequent changes, updates or additions to a website after launch will attract a labour rate of €50, ex VAT, per hour or part thereof.

Ongoing Website maintenance and management.

Steve's Online Marketing does not recommend a once off website design approach for a number of very important reasons:

Capital expenditure, paying for a web site up front can cost a business thousands of Euro, money that might be needed elsewhere especially for a start up business. By becoming a Package Client you can spread these costs over monthly payments thereby reducing the strain on your cash flow.

It's unlikely that anyone is concerned with your web site's performance, as the website owner you probably won't even have access to performance or statistical data. You want your website to bring you as much business as possible, so rather become a Package Client and make SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) an ongoing part of the agreement.

Google, The Internet, Technology and people never stay the same, things change all the time. You, your business and your website need to keep up with all these changes. A website has a lifespan of about 2-3 years after which it becomes virtually obsolete if it has not been updated regularly. This is a service we offer our Package Clients, but once off clients will need to pay to have their websites completely re-developed every 2-3 years or risk dropping down the Google rankings as their websites become stale and outdated.

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