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Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design

Mobile Friendly Web Design.

If your website is not Mobile Friendly you ARE losing business. Google has recently starting demoting web sites in their rankings that are not mobile compatible if the person searching on Google is using a mobile device. The adoption rate of Smart Phones and other mobile devices being used for internet browsing is increasing. Mobile devices are improving and more importantly Cell phone networks data speeds are increasing exponentially. Research shows that the average person has their mobile phone on their person almost 92% of the time. Your website needs to be able to cater to this growing market.

100% Responsive to Browser Window Size.

Our web designs are not only mobile friendly, but 100% responsive to your browser window size irrespective of the size of the viewing device. Making them perfect for viewing on Mobile phones, tablets, phablets, notebooks, Lap Tops or PC's. Try it for yourself by simply changing the size of the browser window right now and see how this website automatically adapts to any size.

Google Mobile Responsive Web Design

Google's "Mobile First Index" is here.

Such is the shift in peoples online search habits away from PC's to mobile devices that Google has started working on it's Mobile First Index. This means that your website, both mobile and desktop versions, will now be ranked in Google SERP's according to it's Mobile rankings irrespective of which device the searcher is using. This latest Google change makes it absolutely vital that your website be 100% mobile friendly, a website that is not mobile friendly will drop down the Google search rankings more now than it may have before. Google specialists are now recommending the Responsive web design approach to ensure that your website maintains it's positive Google ranking. We at Steve's Online Marketing make use of Adobe Dreamweaver to ensure that all our website designs are fully mobile responsive to give you the best possible ranking across all devices.

10 Points of an Effective Website.

What makes a website effective. We are not talking about Google Rankings or SEO, but what makes a website an effective tool for your business, check out our top 10 suggestions for an effective website.

Our Responsive Web Design.

We use the Award Winning Adobe Dreamweaver for our web designs.

Only the best for our clients. We are automatically kept up to date with all the latest trends in the Web Design industry by using this industry leading web design product. Adobe Dreamweaver offers us the power and flexibility to create amazing and well optimised websites for our clients.

Our web designs are 100% responsive to any browser window size.

Many web site development packages or software claim to produce responsive websites that are mobile friendly, but yet they do not offer 100% seamless responsiveness. Our Adobe Dreamweaver websites offer a superior responsiveness that adapts seamlessly to any browser window size, irrespective of the size of the viewing screen.

Tried, Tested and Proven Web Designs.

There are numerous factors that when combined create a great website including Search Engine Optimisation, User Interface and User Experience. For a business a great website is one that achieves the greatest growth in actual business. Something we at Steve's Online Marketing understand and achieve consistently for all our current clients.

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