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Inbound Marketing the Consideration Stage.

Inbound Marketing Consideration Stage

The Buyers Research-Consideration Stage.

Consideration, the second stage of the Buying Process.

A total Stranger has become aware that they have a need for a certain product or service, they’ve hopped on Google and typed in a few relevant search queries.

Your clever Search Engine Optimisation, or Google Adwords, has led these Strangers to your Website – these strangers have now become Website Visitors.

At this stage your website visitor has started to perform his Research before he makes his final decision to buy. Generally the larger the potential purchase or the greater the risk, the more research the customer will perform so the more relevant information you need to provide on your website.

Research shows that 60% of customers already know exactly what they want to buy before contacting an actual sales person to make the purchase, as a result of their research.

How do we as Digital Marketers take this website Visitor and turn him into a qualified Lead, how do we assist him through the Consideration Stage and turn him into a Happy Customer for your business?

This is where Quality – Relevant – Content becomes so important, it’s no longer about hard selling, but more about being effective educators.

We’ve done our homework, we’ve researched your Buyers Persona, we know who your prospective customers are and more importantly we know what problems, issues or challenges they face.

We then tailor our website and online content in such a manner as to present them with solutions. We elaborate on what we can do for them to help solve their problems, we provide the information that our prospective customers will find relevant.

We constantly hear Google saying “Don’t write content for Google, but for your customer” Quality content that provides your website visitor with the relevant information he needs in order make an educated decision.

By providing Quality Content tailored to your website visitor’s needs, answering their questions, you are building up a level of trust as a Leader in your field. People ultimately buy from people so we need to know we can Trust those people.

Cleverly mixed in with this relevant content are strategically placed “offers” with “Calls To Action”, CTA’s.

These offers are not only designed in such a manner as to provide the visitor with something useful, but we use this step to collect more information about the visitor i.e. their name, email address etc. We have now converted this website visitor into a Lead.

The bigger the “Offer” the more information a visitor will be willing to provide. We also use this step to gauge the visitors “Buying Readiness” by monitoring the nature of the content or offers the Lead is requesting. Some may be of a more general nature showing that the Lead is still in the consideration stage and requires more nurturing, while others may be requesting highly specific details showing that they are further along the Buying Process approaching the Decision Stage and should be to be followed up immediately.

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