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Inbound Marketing the Decision Stage.

Inbound Marketing Decision Stage

The Buyers Decision Stage.

The final stage in the buyers journey.

The potential buyer has become aware of a need and jumps on his PC and starts Googling for potential solutions. Initially his search parameters may be quite vague and general in nature which may lead him to 3rd Party websites, but with further research his searches will become more specific and he will find your website.

Through Search Engine Optimisation, or PPC ads, we successfully attract a complete stranger to our website who has now become a visitor.

Through researching our Buyers Persona and understanding his needs, we carefully developed our website content and processes to build trust with and nurture our visitors into becoming a Lead. (Offers, CTA’s.)

We can now use the information provided by our Lead to assist in providing him with more specific information he may require in order to make that final decision and become a Customer.

At this time the Lead has realised that he has a need and what is needed to fulfill this need. He will now be considering his options.

We now need to provide the Lead with the correct information to assist him in making the final decision, he may start requesting prices or specific product details, now is the time to follow up, make contact with the Lead quickly…..not later or you may have lost him.

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