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Inbound Marketing the Awareness Stage.

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The Buyers Awareness Stage the first step in the Inbound Marketing Process.

Buyers Awareness is the first stage in the buying process. Your prospective customer becomes aware of a problem that needs solving, or an opportunity that requires investigation, in other words they realise they have a potential need for your products or services.

Using traditional marketing methods of TV, Radio, Print or other ads “pushing” your products or services into the market is expensive and not guaranteed to reach your potential client at the right time in the buying process.

Modern digital streaming services of both TV and Music and the internet makes it easy for many of your potential clients to avoid these forms of advertising completely.

Inbound Marketing utilises a non intrusive approach enabling your prospective clients to find YOU when they NEED YOU, so they are finding the right company at the right time when they are more likely and primed to do business with YOU.

How do we make sure your Potential Customers find YOU!

Once a prospective client realises they have a need they will hop onto their computer or smartphone and make use of our new friend Google. (Google carries well over 90% of Irelands search traffic.)

This is why the effectiveness of your Online Presence, particularly your website, is so important.

At this point you may be thinking, but hang on a minute, I’ve already got a website, I’ve had one for a while already and it’s not bringing me any customers or helping my business in any way……..Why ?

Three reasons why your website is not working for you:

1: It could be that your prospective clients are not finding your website in Google search results. Your website is suffering from a poor ranking in Google’s index as a result of Poor Search Engine Optimisation. If your website is not ranking on the firts page of Google Search Results it's unlikely that it will receive much free organic traffic.

2: Your website has poor design or functionality resulting in a very low conversion rate, those who do find your website are “choosing” not to do business with you and moving on to your competitors website. Your website could be too slow to load, not mobile friendly or may be too complicated to use.

3: Lack of sufficient good quality relevant content on your website will also result in poor Google Search Rankings.

There are many reasons why a visitor to your website may not go on to become a Lead and an eventual Customer. It's essential for your success that you are aware of, and overcome, all the pain points your site visitors are experiencing in order to make the buyers journey a Wow experience and turn your customers into promoters of your business.

A professional Digital Marketing Consultant can ensure that your potential clients find YOU when they need you by employing targeted SEO, search engine optimisation and ensuring a good ranking in Google Search Results, SERP’s for many relevant search queries.

Paid Online Advertising, PPC/PPM such as Google Adwords are a great way to get instant results, or complement your organic rankings.

Some Important Footnotes on Effective Web Design for Business.

If you require your website to be an effective business tool we need to immediately dispel a few myths.

A freebie, DIY, website will NOT work. A professional website that is properly designed and developed to attract maximum business WILL cost you money, how much money depends on various issues, your company, the size of your company, the nature of your products or services, how competitive your industry is and your budget. Unfortunately there are numerous services on the market advertising FREE websites in three easy steps, that require no knowledge of web design. While these websites do have a purpose, personal use, clubs, non profits etc, they will NOT work as an effective business tool as they offer no, or little, SEO capabilities. Or they start charging for “professional” features.

Getting your business website to the point where it ranks highly and brings you lots of business is NOT an overnight process, it takes time. It’s like a savings account, every day, week or month you invest some time and effort into your website. It’s a constant process of adding to, changing, monitoring and re-doing. Even when high Google rankings are achieved there is no guarantee that these rankings will maintain as Google, your competitors and even your customers are constantly changing and you need to firstly be aware of these changes and keep up to date with them.

Developing an effective website is NOT a once off process, it is strongly advisable that you rather partner with a Digital Marketing Specialist who will manage your Online Presence on an ongoing basis as opposed to simply paying a web developer to develop a website and then having no further contribution. As discussed in point 2 above nothing stays the same for very long online. Google are constantly changing their algorithms in an effort to improve the “intelligence” or “understanding” what people are searching for and what results to provide them with. A website can become outdated quite quickly. Your competitors are constantly trying to out rank you, it’s an ongoing battle for the juicy number one spot in Google SERPS, you need to be constantly combating your competitors. How your clients use the internet changes over time as new devices are developed, just think how mobile devices have changed peoples internet habits in the last few years.

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