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Grow your Business with a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Our Motto "Your Success is our Business" describes our core function. We aim to Grow your Business utilising tried and tested Digital Marketing Techniques.

We don't simply develop websites, or implement Social Media or Mass Email Campaigns. We partner with YOU to develop an ongoing Digital Marketing Campaign specifically designed to achieve maximum effect and Growth for your business. Having an effective online digital presence is essential for modern companies, but to employ a full time professional Digital Marketer could easily cost in excess of €50 000 per annum. Most smaller business's simply do not have the need or budget for a full time Digital Marketer. We can tailor a package to suit your specific needs and budget, from the one man show to the larger more established company. (Once off ad hoc services available on request.)

Our Digital Marketing Services Include:

Professional Web Design.

What makes a good web site varies from company to company and the nature of the industry, a good web designer should not only understand the technicalities of web design, but also the importance of tailoring a web site to each clients specific needs.

Responsive Web Design.

Mobile Compatible websites, one of Googles latest requirements. Your clients search the web on devices of all different screen sizes. Mobile phones, tablets, phablets and different size computers, make sure your website caters seamlessly for all these different devices with a professional responsive web design.

In Depth Search Engine Optimisation - SEO.

From only 1 website in 1991 to over a Billion websites on the internet today your website could easily get lost in all that data. It's imperative for your business that your prospective clients find your website quickly and easily, before they find your competitors. This requires ongoing Search Engine Optimisation. Without SEO your beautiful new website could be invisible.

Social Media Marketing - Integration.

Social Media has become a very powerful marketing media for many business. Even Google now tracks your "Social Media Traffic" and uses it as a ranking factor for your website. In fact Google even have there own Social Platforms. Social Media platforms have grown in numbers in recent years to the point where Social Media Marketing needs to be very well managed.

Email Marketing Campaigns.

Email Marketing, an oldie, but definitely still a goodie. Email Marketing is still one of the most effective and cost efficient online marketing techniques available, just be careful to follow best practices, no spamming allowed.

Small - Medium Business Digital Marketing Specialists.

Coming from a Small-Medium business environment himself, Stevens specialty lies in assisting other SME's to achieve Digital Marketing Success. He is achieving great results for others, he can do it for you too.

Paid Online Advertising PPC - PPM.

Paid Online Advertising, Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising is an incredible tool for boosting your existing business, or getting your new business off the ground. Paid Online Advertsing is instant, highly effective and unlike traditional marketing methods results can be measured and adverts tweaked accordingly.

Online Database Applications.

Caspio is an incredibly powerful customisable database application that can be setup as a very powerful business tool, not just for marketing and sales, but also for improved internal efficiencies and hence customer service.

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Other Digital Marketing Services.

We do realize that not every body wants or requires a full Online Marketing Campaign, we also offer other once off online marketing services.

Web Site Design and Development.

Every company benefits from having a website, we can provide a professional responsive website design and development service from €99.00 per static page (ex VAT). Includes professional once off SEO service. Hosted on a professional Irish server with a suffix of your choice .com or .ie etc. Excludes Domain Registration, Domain renewal and website hosting fees. Advanced features, e commerce, databases etc will attract a higher fee.

Search Engine Optimisation.

You might already have a website, but you just want to improve it's ranking in Google Searches. Although it is much easier for us to manage Google Rankings or Optimisation on websites we have developed and manage ourselves we can offer advice on how to improve the rankings of your own websites. The amount of time this may require depends on the size and complexity of your website. For this reason we charge by the hour for this service. €50.00 ex VAT per hour or part thereof.

Email Marketing.

Email marketing remains a highly effective means of communicating with your customers, but it cannot be run professionally through your normal email system. We offer a highly professional email marketing service. €99.00 once off account setup fee, €50.00 per email setup and €9.99 per hundred emails sent, or part thereof. Comprehensive reports can be provided a few days after the email has been sent.

Social Media Setup.

€99.00 ex VAT per platform setup. Social Media has exploded in popularity over the last decade with numerous Social Media Platforms popping up all the time, some are fads, while others can be genuinely good business tools depending on the nature of your business. Let us help you setup a professional Social Media bouquet for your business needs.

In all the above cases Logos, images, videos, media, email addresses, content and other details to be provided by the client.