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Digital Marketing Consultant for SME's in Ireland.

Digital Marketing Stratgies for your Business.

We specialise in assisting Small and Medium Enterprises in Ireland achieve their business goals using proven Online Marketing Techniques.

Big business's have the budget and infrastructure to employ their own Marketing Specialists, or perhaps contract a large Marketing and Advertsing Agency.
Smaller business's simply do not have the budget, or the need, to employ full time Digital Marketing staff.
Some smaller business's will try to run an Online Marketing Campaign themselves, but soon find they don't have the time or expertise to set it up and run it effectively, this is where the Digital Marketing Consultant comes in.
A Digital Marketing Consultant is someone who has the expertise, time and infrastructure to assist the small to medium business market their products and services Online and do it effectively, within their given budget. Steve is an Inbound Marketing specialist.

What is Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing involves marketing your products or services through available and appropriate online means using a range of digital tools and services, learn more about the subject "What is Digital Marketing"

Advantages of using an experienced Digital Marketing Consultant.

Expertise, Time and Money.

Expertise: As a business owner or manager you probably don't have the expertise to develop an effective online strategy. You know your industry, but you cannot be expected to also know everything about all the different digital platforms, websites, social media, SEO and Google Ads etc.

Time: Lets face it, as a business owner or manager you are a busy person. You do not have the time to learn Digital Marketing and how to put all the different aspects together to create and effective Digital Marketing Campaign. It takes a lot of time to research, plan and develop an online strategy, then there is also the day to day management, monitoring and ongoing optimisation.

Money: Employing a digital marketing professional will not only save you money, but should also result in you making money. Many SME's are not big enough, or have the budget, to justify employing full time Digital Marketing staff in house, but could benefit hugely from sub-contracting a Digital Specialist for a few hours a day, week or month depending on your specific requirements.

Read more on "Why your business should have an Effective Online Presence."

Professional web design

Effective Website Design.

Your business website has the potential to be an extremely powerful business tool when designed and developed properly.

Unfortunately there are numerous Website services on the market that "promise" free, quick and simple DIY websites in minutes, Yes there is a place for these, but not as an effective business tool.

To develop an effective website that will attract visitors and convert these visitors into clients takes time, skill and knowledge, not to mention the right tools.

As an experienced Digital Marketer, we can provide you with a professional website, designed and developed to convert website visitors into paying clients.

Search Engine Optimisation

Website Ranking, Search Engine Optimisation.

This is where many DIY and some professional websites fail.

You've developed your own website, or paid someone quite a lot of money to develop a website for you, and everything looks good.

The website is attractive, your family and friends are all very complimentary of your website, BUT, it does not seem to be bringing your company any business, it's not attracting clients.

It's quite possible that your website is virtually invisible online and that your prospective customers are simply not finding your company website.

A Digital Marketing Consultant has the knowledge and tools at his disposal to constantly monitor your websites performance and take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that your website ranks as high as possible on Google Search Results and that your prospective customers are visiting your website before visiting your competitors website.

Website under maintenance

Effective Ongoing Website Management and Maintenance.

You've paid a professional web designer a lot of money for your website.

This web designer has actually done a very good job, your website ranks well in Google Searches, it's generating a number of inquiries from prospective customers and continues to perform well for some time.

BUT, you notice that the inquiries are starting to slow down and you don't know why.

The internet is dynamic, it's a living, growing and forever changing environment.

People's online habits are changing, the devices they are surfing the web on are changing, internet and broadband speeds are increasing, Browser and web development software is constantly being improved, Google itself is constantly changing and adapting to it's customers needs.

What worked last year may no longer be effective this year, your website needs to be regularly monitored and updated to maintain relevance and rankings.

Sometimes Google makes major changes to their search algorithms that can virtually render your current website obsolete. It's happened numerous times over the last few years and will continue to happen into the future.

Unfortunately a website has a limited lifespan and needs to be updated regularly, also like anything man made, occasionally it can break, if it's not being monitored and maintained you could lose a lot of business.

Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Solid Business, Marketing experience and Advice.

An experienced Digital Marketing Consultant is not just a Web Designer, or an Email or Social Media marketer, but a highly experienced and qualified Business and Marketing Consultant with many years of business and marketing experience.

A good Digital Marketing Consultant is like having a business partner who sets you free to run your business while he takes care of the complete Online Marketing aspect, bringing you business.

Most smaller business owners are simply too busy to be concerned or learn about the hundreds of different Google ranking factors affecting their website or what the latest Social Media trends are etc. There are just too many other things to be concerned about, managing staff, suppliers, stock levels, accounts, the list goes on.

No two companies are the same and therefore no two companies will have exactly the same Online Marketing requirements.

A good Digital Marketing Consultant can save you time and expense by advising on the right mix of Online Products and services that will work for your business, we often see smaller business's putting a lot of time and effort into a specific medium, especially Social Media, because it's free and relatively simple, but not all companies will benefit equally from the same mediums and can end up spending a lot of time and effort for very little business return.

An experienced Digital Marketing Consultant has a range of various online marketing services or products he can tailor into a package specifically suited to bring your business maximum exposure and ultimately the best business return for the least effort and cost.

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